Ultra luxurious Japanese train offers a suite package for a million Yen

Remember Japan’s ultra-luxe sleeper train that’s the handiwork of Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama? The train will have a fare that befits its lavish nature. The price of staying in the train’s Shiki-shima suite will be nearly a million yen, 950,000 to be exact, which comes to almost US$8,700. Other passengers can stay in the standard 15 dual occupancy suites which will be priced between 750,000 and 770,000 yen ($6865 – $7050). Another deluxe suite with dual-occupancy will be available for 900,000 yen per person (about $8,235).

For these prices passengers get to enjoy their own suites as well as dedicated common spaces for lounging, dining and enjoying the view. The train features 10 cars in total, with four reserved for common spaces and six allotted to the 34 passengers willing to pay for the four day trip.
Japanese-luxury-train-trip (2)
The journey will begin at Tokyo’s Ueno Station and the train will travel through Nikko Station in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, and Hakodate Station in Hokkaido. The train will go as far as Noboribetsu, Hokkaido before eventually returning to Ueno Station though a coastal route.
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If you’re planning a trip in May or June, visit the website for the East Japan Railway Co. (JR East) for more details.

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