US intercontinental ballistic missile base for $1.5m

Although the idea of living in an abandoned missile base may seem absurd to me, it seems there are some people in this world who fancy the same thought. If not then why would a former US intercontinental ballistic missile base be on sale for $1.5m (£750,000, 1.06m euros)? This missile base, equipped with a vast underground network of tunnels and rooms but no atomic warheads, is for sale in a remote corner of the United States. Designed to withstand a nuclear attack, it brings a new meaning to the word ‘shelter’! Located near remote Moses Lake in the northwest state of Washington, the former Larsen military base includes 4,000 square meters (43,000 square feet) of “usable” space on 23 hectares (56 acres) of land. The owner, Bari Hotchkiss bought the former base 10 years ago from owners who obtained the property in the 1970s, after the US government deemed obsolete the Titan missiles it was built to launch. However, he has been using it as a summer camp with kids and friends until now.

Mr. Hotchkiss says there are 18 former Titan bases, most of which were sold off. But his base, he says, is one of the best-preserved. However, it is believed that a number of other former US missile bases are also on the market.