Van Gogh’s Laboureur dans un champ sells for over $81 million at a Christie’s Auction

A Van Gogh painting sold at a Christie’s auction in New York for an astronomical $81.3 million. The number was not quite high enough to set a new record for Van Gogh, but it nonetheless helped Christie’s rake in $479.3 million in total from that auction- a sum that considerably exceeded expectations.

The painting in question is Van Gogh’s “Laboureur dans un champ,” an 1889 landscape that depicts the view from the window of the artist’s room in the asylum at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. The painting seems to represent the artist’s ability to find beauty in the world even after he had committed himself to an asylum.

Christie’s revealed that after a four minute bidding war, the painting was finally won by a buyer on the phone. The painting was so coveted that its price climbed from $42 million to $55 million in a single bid.

There seems to be a revived interest in the Dutch artist with AirBNB renting out his one-time bedroom, Jaeger-Lecoultre creating a watch inspired by him and this interactive exhibit doing the rounds.


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