Van Gogh’s suicidal revolver to go under the hammer for $67,000

Art lovers find comfort in an artists’ achievements and misfortunes, and that possibly explains why Vincent Van Gogh’s revolver may fetch huge sums of money in an upcoming Parisian auction. The celebrated artist used the revolver when he committed suicide back in 1890.

Van Gogh used the 7 mm Lefaucheux gun to kill himself after walking into a field. The dramatic narrative added so much value to the story, that the revolver is now expected to make a debut in an auction on June 19 and is expected to fetch a whopping $67,000.

The revolver was last seen at a Van Gogh exhibit in Amsterdam after scientific tests proved that the gun was indeed discharged in 1890 before laying exposed to elements. However, experts cannot confirm with certainty that it was the fatal weapon. There were quite a few theories that have been floated through the years, including a story about how two boys accidentally shot the artist.


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