Very first sketch of DC’s Wonder Woman to be up for auction soon

Wonder Woman is as much an icon of the comic book universe as any of the other superheroes out there. She may not have been the pioneer for the woman superhero but she’s definitely been a role model to little girls the world over and very much a fan favorite for any comic book reader. Making history now, is the very first sketch of this fantastic character, that’s going on auction.

Wonder Woman has undergone numerous changes in the last few decades but has nonetheless stayed true to her origins. Her costume has been designed and redesigned quite a few times, but most often in recent times with DC’s New 52 event and their latest Convergence comic book event. Looking back at her origins, we can see that, like her colleagues in the Justice League – Superman, Batman and the Flash – her costume, while retaining certain aspects over the years like the Bracelets, color combination breastplate, tiara and star motif, has only now undergone some significant changes, but has always been in keeping with the times. But even in the original sketch you can see the makings of the Wonder Woman costume that followed a few years later.

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This original sketch of the Princess of Themyscira and Ambassador to our world was done by H.G. Peter for William Marston in December of 1942. She made her debut then in All Star Comics #8 that time. The original sketch that was recovered from Peter’s estate also included a note from Marston with some feedback on the drawing –

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Dear Pete – I think the gal with hand up is very cute. I like her skirt, legs, hair. Bracelets okay + boots. These probably will work out. See other suggestions enclosed. No on these + stripes – red + white. With eagle’s wings above or below breasts as per enclosed? Leave it to you. Don’t we have to put a red stripe around her waist as belt? I thought Gaines wanted it – don’t remember. Circlet will have to go higher – more like crown – see suggestions enclosed. See you Wednesday morning – WMM.

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It’s hard not to think about giving the 70+ years of changes Wonder Woman’s gone through, but it’s kind of amazing how right Peter got it on his initial sketch, creating a design that would become an icon of comic books for years.

There’s no price listed for the sketch just yet, but if it’s any indication, the very first appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1 issued in 1983 was up for auction on eBay for $1.75 million.

[Via – Luxury-Insider]