Veuve Clicquot introduces a tantalizing new wine collection

Ever since its inception in 1772, Veuve Clicquot is worshipped as one of the most revered champagne manufactures in the world. The marquee, that is better known for its premium offerings has painstakingly earned its reputation through a show of immense courage, risk-taking and meticulousness in its craft. In doing what it does best, the spirit-producer has recently introduced the Veuve Clicquot Rich collection, a compilation of the best mixed wines ever known to mankind.

Amongst the array of aromatic and intoxicating spirits presented by the marquee, the ones that stands out the most are the Rich and the Rich Rosé – both being exquisite preparations of red fruit juices. While the Rich presents a heady concoction of Pineapples, grapefruit zest, cucumber, celery, pepper, or tea wee, the Rosé offers a mesmerizing mix of ginger, pineapples, lime, and tea. Crafted to specially align with the upcoming season of spring, the novel Veuve Clicquot collection boasts of carefully chosen ingredients that reveal the subtleties of mixology along with the zest and flavor of handpicked fruits.

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The Veuve Clicquot Rich collection is the supreme work of chef Dominique Demarville and a number of different mixologists who offered their insights in creating this fabulous end result. The compilation comes packaged in a silver bottle that is further adorned with quintessential Veuve Clicquot comets. While its price remains a mystery, the spirited and innovative Rich collection is one that must not be missed!

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