Vintage Apple retail sign with its iconic rainbow logo may fetch over $20,000 in auction

Vintage Apple products have forever been high in demand, fetching even millions at one-go. And for ardent brand-enthusiasts, Nate D. Sanders Auction is now set to auction off one of the marquee’s rarest Memorabilia ever – an original Apple Computer Inc. sign which was created in the year 1978. Yes, that’s right!

Boasting Apple’s well-known rainbow logo, the retail sign measures 4-by-5-foot and is believed to be one of the marquee’s earliest retail signs. It was displayed at an Apple authorized reseller who first learned about the nascent computer company at a conference in 1976, according to Nate D. Sanders Auctions. The sign features some wear-n tear including yellowing around the edges and surface marks, barring which, it is said to be in almost mint condition.

The exclusive Apple signage is part of Nate D. Sanders’ online auction which starts today (March 26) and will go on for three days until March 28. Bids for the rare collectible start at $20,000 and are expected to scale up way beyond. Recently, a rare functional Apple-1 machine was also sold for $458,711 at auction while an original Apple-1 manual fetched $12,296 on sale in 2019. Looks like the apple fever is here to stay after all!

[Via: Cult of Mac]

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