Voxmobile: A guitar shaped vehicle from the rock and roll era on eBay

With retro trends and styles making a big come back, we are getting to see a lot of unique vintage goodies of the by-gone era. And one such thing that is sure to impress fans of the rock and roll era is the amazing Voxmobile which was designed and built by George Barris in 1967. The unique guitar shaped car was built as a rolling promotional piece for the VOX products; it included working amps, keyboards and guitar racks and was even slated to co-star with Jack Nicholson in the Richard Rush-helmed acid trip film Psych-Out. More images after the jump……

The car appears to be based on a street rail, with a leading arm solid axle front and cut ford 9″ rear-end. What is more, the 289 Cobra motor is expected to pump up the jam to the tune of 275 bhp, and is claimed to be good to 175 mph. A truly rocking car, it is equipped with 12 speakers including a pair of 12″ primaries on the intake, and it can handle up to 32 Vox guitars through the Beatle head.
In perfect shape, this car is now available for sale for $175,000 on eBay. So if you have the dough, you had better make your offer right away.

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