Whiskey is the new gold – Bottle of ultra rare port sells for $64,000

Whiskey connoisseurs are always on a lookout for spirits that can mesmerize and enwrap them in a taste that no money can claim! Here to do just that and more is a rare bottle of the Port Allen whiskey that was recently sold for a little over $64k (£50K) in an online auction.

The spirit was apparently packaged to mark a visit by Queen Elizabeth II on 9 August 1980. And while exact numbers are not known it is believed only 40 bottles of its kind were produced for the sovereign and her senior staff present that day. It is further claimed that the packaging forms part of the only official bottling of Port Ellen issued while the distillery was active. While the previous decanters of the ‘Queen’s Visit’ were auctioned in 2016 and 2017 for £11,200 and £12,100 respectively, the bottle in question has gone down for a much higher price, making it one of the most expensive sales of its kind to date.

Sean McGlone, director at Whisky Auctioneer, the site that sold the bottle, said, “Only a select handful of people received this (the Port Allen) bottle in honor of the Queen visiting in 1980 so from a collectability point of view, this is essentially unsurpassed. But to also have such a highly regarded spirit in terms of taste means this is truly an iconic whisky for collectors and connoisseurs alike.” Here’s raising a toast to the legend of the Port Allen Whiskey!


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