Wine bottles rescued from a 300-year-old shipwreck to go on sale at Christie’s

The older the wine, the better it is. While this may not be true from the drinkability purpose of the spirits in question, it nonetheless stands true in view of their archaic charm. We are talking about exclusive decanters of wine that were previously rescued from a shipwreck and will now be going on sale at Christie’s.

The bottles were discovered during a survey mission of the ocean floor off the coast of Germany in 2010. They were lying 40 meters under the ground and were found inside an old rattan basket of sorts. While one of the bottles was broken in the recovery, another was opened and tested with results proving that it was indeed a powerful red wine. Further investigation on the shape of the bottles and the cork indicated that the decanters may have been bottled somewhere between 1670 and 1690.

The bottles, in lots of two, will be auctioned off at Christie’s for an estimated price of USD 32,942 – USD 38,010 in an online bid. The winner will receive the Shipwreck wine in specially designed water-filled storage tanks that will further be offered with special equipment to maintain the bottles in their storage tanks. While the spirit may not fetch you a happy high, they are sure to add immense historic value to your trunk of collectibles. If interested, head on the official Christie’s website to place your bids!

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