Winston’s Churchill’s cigar butt that was picked up by policeman was just auctioned for for $5,700

Of all the bizarre things that can be sold at an auction, we have Winston Churchill’s cigar butt that was recently purchased for a rather grand sum of $5654. Yes, that’s right! It was apparently picked up by a policeman who was escorting him during the 1940s.

The item was thrown away half-smoked by the wartime leader. It was in the custody of the grandson of Arthur Church, who had served as a policeman at Scotland Yard in the 1940s and had been on duty escorting the former Prime Minister when he picked up the discarded butt.

Coming wrapped in a fragile piece of paper which reads: ‘Thrown away by Rt Hon Winston Churchill,’ the item was sold by Bellman’s auctioneers, based in Wisborough Green, West Sussex. It also reads the date when the butt was procured as September 1940, although the exact day is not legible.

Commenting on it, Julian Dineen, a specialist in charge of the Bellman’s auction, said: ‘It offers the chance for someone to own something that’s a very tangible link to Churchill and to be able to hold and own something that they too would have held or owned themselves. He further added, ‘It’s really that tangible link to him that must give any buyer a real thrill.’

It looks like Sir Winston Churchill’s legend is surely living on!

[Via: BBC]

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