World famous 2071.48ct Diamond Backgammon Set on auction at

Most of us have played Backgammon in our lifetime. This interesting board game is a favorite with many. And nowhere is a chance for all Backgammon fanatics to take home the most exquisite Backgammon set ever. The world-famous 2071.48ct Diamond Backgammon Set is currently being auctioned by This luxurious set has been designed and created by the renowned artist Bernard Maquin especially for “The Charles Hollander Collection.” A complete diamond-studded affair, this set boasts 61,082 black, white, and yellow diamonds, i.e., 2071.48 carats diamonds in totality. The checkers, too, have been encrusted with 2690 white diamonds. The diamonds, along with over 6.77kg yellow gold and 150-gram silver, give this set its magnificent status.

A true jewel, it took 10,000 hours of labor to create this magnificent set. Bidding for this set starts at $500,000, and the auction will be on till July 3. So if you wish to take home this treasure, you had better start bidding already.

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