World’s largest flawless diamond is up for auction at Christie’s

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and like with all good luxury products it’s about quality and not quantity. Well the quality doesn’t get much better than this; Christie’s in Geneva will be auctioning a flawless D Color diamond weighing 101.73 Carats. The pear shaped diamond will go under the hammer on 15th May 2013. Each diamond is unique, in fact finding two diamonds that are the same, color, quality and weight is extremely difficult, as the size gets larger this task becomes even harder. This particular stone is not only one of the largest pear shaped diamonds known to date but also one of the worlds most perfect diamonds with a D color and Type IIA Flawless gem.

Head of Christie’s Switzerland and America’s, Rahul Kadakia explained the true rarity of such a stone when he says “Just as a great artist is able to ‘see’ a masterpiece in a block of marble, a perfect diamond is the result of the skill and vision of a master cutter who is able to uncover beauty from a rough gem. This diamond is in its scale, quality, and rarity one of the most beautiful ‘white’ diamonds Christie’s has ever had the honor of offering for sale.”

The title of ‘perfect’ is not given easily to a diamond; this particular stone was graded by GIA, (the Gemological Institute of America) which is known to have the most rigorous criteria for grading a stone. The rough diamond of 236 carats was found at the Jwaneng mine in Botswana. This stone gives new meaning to the phrase ‘Diamond in the rough’ as it took over 21 months to polish the piece into perfection.

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