World’s most expensive animated GIF goes on sale on eBay with a starting price of $2,000

Digital artist Michael Green is using Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) animation in an art context with ‘Balloon Dog Deflated’ currently up for grabs on ebay with a starting bid of $2,000. When the artist created the GIF animation art, he was hoping to sell the most expensive GIF of all time for $5,800. However, since there were no takers on the first ebay listing, Michael Green has now re-listed the artwork with a starting price of $2,000.

The “Balloon Dog Deflated” is a crushed down bitmap recreation of the enormous 12-foot stainless steel sculpture by Jeff Koons that sold in an auction for $58 million dollars.

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The GIF animation is an excerpt from his tumblr GIF series “luxury.obj” ( With various digital lighting and details on the essence of the object itself, the GIF metallic balloon dog deflates, melting into a puddle of reflective steel liquid.

The artist hopes that the sale of “Balloon Dog Deflated” will change the way image formats are valued and GIF files will be seriously taken as a collector’s item. According to Michael Green, “the deflation of “Balloon Dog Deflated” represents the death of the tradition of modern art and for our culture to evolve to the logical next step, the digital medium.” The buyer will be sent the GIF on a USB stick, along with a certificate of purchase, within 24 hours of payment.

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[Via – Art-Net]

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