World’s most expensive coin fetches $1.2 million at Barcelona auction

The most expensive coin in the world was recently auctioned by auctioneers Aureo & Calicó in Barcelona. The only remaining 1609 centen coin is the biggest solid gold coin to be minted in Spain! This rare coin generated a lot of interest among bidders and fetched a winning bid of 800,000 Euros ($1,202,566)! The lucky bidder, identified only as bidder no. 74, a dealer from central Europe, could not hide his surprise when no-one else raised his opening bid of 800,000 Euros for the coin minted in Segovia. This rare coin was the most priceless piece in the “Knight of the Yndias” collection (which comprises 2,200 pieces of gold from Spain and her former colonies) on auction.

1000’s of coins were auctioned at this unique auction, but it was this rare center coin that stole the show with its winning bid.

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