World’s Most expensive corkscrew sells for £36000

We always knew that wine is an expensive deal, but to take the fetish to another level, even the Corkscrew has hustled up its prices. The world’s most expensive corkscrew has gone on sale at a price of £36,000.($71,247) The extravagant corkscrew delivers the same function of opening a wine bottle, but the high price accords to the usage of Titanium and Gold while making this item, and that it is handcrafted to order. Made out of 52 pieces of aviation Titanium, including a lead cap cutter, and the actual screw, the corkscrew comes in its own cigar like presentation. The Lever could also be made out of Titanium or 18-carat gold on request. The Svend corkscrew is viewed more like a piece of art, although it could be used domestically.

Designer of the luxury corkscrew, Belgian Frank Sveid, 62, has already sold some since they’ve gone on sale since November 2007. “For the connoisseur, opening a bottle of fine wine is similar to the Japanese tea ceremony. Our corkscrew is like a work of art and it can open wine in a far more elegant way.” Stated, the former Destist. Making a choice between a luxury Car and a corkscrew is easy!

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