X-ray telescope that orbited the earth is on sale for $7 mil

How much would you pay up for Broad Band X-ray Telescope that orbited our planet? This baby was soared aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1990 helped collect data on galactic and intergalactic X-ray energy sources, but now it looks like it’s just a piece of junk for the government. But if you think that its rightful place as NASA memorabilia is in your house instead, then it can be yours for keeps. This world-class museum-grade flown artifact is up for grabs; however, at 840 kgs of weight, I can’t really window mount it. So if you have a roof to stargaze from and $7 million to pay up, then eBay is the place to head. There 92 bids have already been placed on the last count, but you can hit the magic number and beat the competition for the largest mission artifact ever flown aboard a Space Shuttle and returned to earth.
[Ebay via Giz]

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