Year’s first Tuna auction fetches 8-year high of $1,00,000

There has always been a great hype in the East when it came to the big Tuna fish, and more so in the coastal city of Oma, Aomori Prefecture. The Tuna caught in 2001, off the same shore fetched a hefty 20.2 million yen. But a Bluefin Tuna weighing 128.4 kilograms hit an all time high of 9.63 million yen ($1,00,000) on Monday at the first auction of the New Year on the Tokyo Metropolitan central Wholesale market, commonly known as the Tsukiji market. A drop in shipments of the gourmet fishes from Oma, made the buyers vie for the bidding of the prices.

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A Hong Kong Sushi bar owner purchased the premium fish in cooperation with an upscale Sushi restaurateur from Ginza, Tokyo’s luxury shopping district. The demand for Tuna has risen a considerable high partly due to the catch controls, especially the International Commission for Conservation for Atlantic Tunas.