You can now purchase these rare photos from James Dean’s fatal accident at an upcoming auction

Hollywood Acton James Dean’s death remains one of the most haunting incidents of the movie industry even today. In remembering him one last time, the fans of the 24-year-old sensation can now witness rare and never-seen-before pictures from the night of his tragic demise. We’re referring to first-hand snapshots of the actor’s death that will soon go on sale at RR auctions.

Presented by a lawyer representing the insurance company of the Ford’s driver – Donald Turnupseed, the pictures depict the horror of Dean’s last night in detail. The exclusive images have apparently never been shown in public before and were to be used as evidence in a lawsuit brought against Turnupseed’s and Dean’s insurance companies by Dean’s injured passenger, Porsche mechanic Rolf Wutherich. However, they were dropped just days before the trial, leading to them being mysteriously stored away from the public eye to date.

Commenting on the pictures, Bobby Livingston, executive vice president at RR Auction said, “The early death of James Dean reverberates to this day,” He further added, “These images offer an intensely unique perspective of the crash location and the resulting carnage — many of the photos taken only hours after the accident.” The collection consists of 12 overhead views of the intersection where the accident occurred and 18 “ground-level” photos, which can together be purchased for a pre-auction estimate of $20,000. The sale will take place online from August 8- August 15.


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