21-year old blogger Kristina Bazan selected as face of L’Oréal Paris

While mammoth cosmetic companies habitually appoint celebrities as their brand ambassadors, L’Oréal Paris opted for the atypical route. As a whiff of fresh air the French cosmetic house recently selected a brand ambassador from blogosphere. 21 year old Kristina Bazan is the envy of Parisian girls at the moment. Her style blog Kaysture has more than 2 million views monthly and her Instagram account features over 2 million followers.

“She is a bridge between classical advertising and the consumer,” Yann Joffredo, vice president of global cosmetics at L’Oréal Paris, told WWD.

“Kristina is totally in line with all the values of the brand,” he continued, describing her as a “woman of worth,” entrepreneurial, a makeup junkie, glamorous, connected and authentic.

U.S.-Switzerland-born Bazan began documenting her daily outfits on Lookbook during her high school days. Soon thereafter, she launched Kayture, a blog featuring genres of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel. Bazan’s primary role is the co-creation of exclusive content with L’Oréal Paris, covering the brand’s color-cosmetics events and partaking in the new digital era of makeup.

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