A French company will soon bottle the scent of your deceased loved one

Do you remember that movie, Perfume? Highly-acclaimed and a major box office hit, the story is based on a novel by Patrick Suskind and is about a manic scent-hound. This was the first thought to come to mind when I came across this bit of news. A team of researchers in France tied up with an insurance saleswoman to bottle the scent of a deceased loved one. Katia Apalategui, 52, got this major idea after seeing her mother mourn her husband’s loss by holding on to a pillowcase that smelled like him.

Katia approached several universities to find a research team to get her idea to reality and Havre University welcomed her. The team discovered how to recreate human smell by extracting odor from the person’s clothing and reconstruct it in the form of a perfume. This process will take four days.
Come September, her son who is a business student now plans to launch the perfume with the help of a chemist. She hopes to sell her perfume at funeral homes to help families ‘overcome their loss’. Katia wishes to give people the chance to always savor special ties and keep their lost loved ones not just in memory or photo albums, but much more closer to them. While it might seem a sensitive and emotional gesture, the dark side to this rather strange initiative is that there will be no space for closure. And that could make some people go slightly mad. Imagine being invited home for dinner and the hostess keeps a chair empty to whom she speaks to, indicating the presence of her dead husband.
The perfume will not be used just for grief, Katia also plans to market it as a gift for couples on Valentine’s Day or even for children with separation anxiety. When sales begin, you can order for one. It will cost $600.

[Via – Inventorspot]

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