A fully furnished Hydrowood spa table with 7 Vichy showers

Hectic lifestyles bringing you down, with no time to relax? Look no further, because Hydroco, the Australian based design and manufacturing company in the wellness industry, understands your plight and has crafted a spa table and shower experience so that everyday could be spa day for you! The ‘HydroWood 7 Vichy System’ is a luxury set up that includes an Arcacia Cedar mangrove leaf shaped table, crafted specifically for wet room use; along with a 7 head shower system that aims pressured water flow at specific areas of the body. The showerheads are attached to a stainless steel rainbar that allows easy entry/exit onto the table by swinging left/right. The innovative unit also comes with customizable controls to set the pressure of the water as well as the temperature to suit your needs; the showerheads can also be controlled individually.

Hydroco HydroWood spa table 2
This fancy schmancy unit is an all-in-one, packed surprise with a wet treatment table, thermostatic mixing valve for impactful control of the senses and an anti-scalding protection. What more could one want? But before you get too excited, you should know that the spa shower comes at a cost of $30,000. So, though it might seem convenient, it all boils down to how much luxury means to you.

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