A List of Expensive Hair Care Products Money Can Buy

Ask any woman out there how important hair is to them, and you will discover it means everything. How beautiful a woman is, is closely related to her hair. Long hair on a girl, has traditionally been associated with beauty. It is no wonder, every celebrity you see has long and beautiful hair that falls down to their shoulders. The idea behind it is to show that the beauty of a woman lies with her hair. However, it does not mean if yours is short, you are not beautiful. No, as the adage goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Even so, the rise of a billion-dollar cosmetic and hair business empire tells you the desire of women to keep and maintain their hair. Those with short hair are going for wigs and other hair extensions to enhance their beauty and attractiveness. Either way, how you maintain your hair plays a significant role in its lifespan and glamour. One way you do this is by drying your hair the correct way. A hair dryer is one of women’s valuable asset. But with many using the wrong ones that do not match their hair needs, achieving the desired results is becoming more of a dream. This especially so if you are the kind that frequent salons for hair drying and styling. The following article will guide you on how to choose the right one for yourself.

1. Go for an Ionic or a Tourmaline Dryer
Both the ionic and tourmaline dryers utilize the mechanism of shooting negative ions. And since water is positively charged, the end effect is bond formation which results in water droplets on your hair breaking up. This increases the rate at which your hair dries making them very useful hair dryers. The two are an excellent choice for hair that proves difficult to dry.

With a tourmaline dryer, drying a thick and frizzy hair should be quick and easy thanks to its powerful ionic action. However, you will have to dig more into your pocket since it is slightly expensive compared to the ionic dryer. This is because it is built of a semi-precious metal. However, despite the cost, the results are amazing.

The ionic dryer works perfectly as well, but it has limitations. Unlike other dryers, it will not build good hair volumes especially if you have fine, thin hair.

2. Consider Either a Ceramic or a Porcelain Dryer
Not everyone is blessed with thick hair, and so if yours is the fine one, this is the dryer for you. It consists of a metal or plastic housing coated with either ceramic or porcelain. The effect is that it gives consistent and well-distributed heat which is perfect for fine dry hair. Also, the heat it produces is not harsh and will preserve your hair even if it dehydrates easily. This is a great model for starters and those with little knowledge of dryers. It will meet most of the hair drying needs for all types of hair.

While most ceramic and porcelain dryers use negative ions to break up water droplets from your hair as well as prevent frizzing, some make use of infrared technology. This advancement, use long energy waves. This translates to heat reaching the innermost part of the hair and causing it to dry from inside out. The result is fast and more effective drying that will leave you satisfied.

3. Titanium Dryer For Lots Of Hair
If you have plenty of hair, then you are familiar with the struggles of drying it out. Your mornings need not be troubled anymore and so is getting too late for your important functions because the hair could not dry out quickly. The Titanium dryer is your best weapon against thick and lots of hair.

With the production of steady and evenly distributed heat, you are sure to get amazing results together with significantly reduced drying time. However, the dryer gets hot and hence not suitable for fine and dry hair.

And since comfort is a necessity, the dryer is lightweight and hence comfortable to hold for long.

4. Look Out For the Proper Wattage
How powerful a dryer will be is determined by its wattage. Wattage takes into consideration how fast and hard the dryer’s motor works. The faster and harder it is, the better the result. Having said so, if your hair is thick and frizzy, you will want to aim for a dryer wattage of between 1800-2000 watts. Usually, the wattage of at least 1500 watts, will suffice for home use.

While you may be tempted to go for the low wattage dryer considering your hair type, it will not last long. More often than not, you will be required to replace them which could prove expensive in the end.

Of great importance is to choose a dryer that has the right wattage and high wind speed. Even if it will be expensive, the investment is worth it since it is durable and can be used many users probably other family members. Remember they may not have the same hair type as you.

5. Go For a Lightweight Dryer
When selecting a perfect dryer to meet hair needs, weight should be a consideration. It determines how comfortably you use it without exhausting yourself. For those with fine hair, this may not come out strongly as they only need to use the dryer for shorter periods. Even so, you still need one that is ergonomic and comfortable to use. You never know when you will have to hair dry your daughter, sister or friend too.

A lightweight dryer probably not exceeding 1 pound is the most appropriate. If you have thick hair, the lightweight dryer will ensure the whole process of hair drying is enjoyable and one that yields excellent results. You do not have to feel like you have been overworking yourself every time you dry your hair.

6. Opt For a Dryer with Multiple Heat Setting
Even if you get a dryer with all the good qualities; lightweight, perfect wattage, and great material, you still need one that has control settings. As said earlier, if you are buying a dryer for use at home, it might end up being used by other family members. And while we all have different hair types, it would be unfair to have a preset one that only fits you.

This is what necessitates for a model with multiple heat setting as it can be adjusted to suit everyone you live with. It has a heat range usually going from low, through medium and eventually to high. A low heat setting is great for fine, dry, thin hair. For normal hair, the medium setting should be ideal.

Finally, for those with thick, curly hair, the high heat setting works magic. The much energy it produces is able to penetrate to the deepest parts of your hair which result in quick drying. Also, you get to use less effort.

7. Look Out For a Cool Setting Feature
If you did not know, it is not only heat that can dry your hair. Blowing it with cool air delivers the same effect. However, this is only achieved if the hair is not very wet or is almost dry. One way you can do this is by first blowing your hair hot with the dryer until it has 80% dry. Then switch off the heat and opt for the cool setting. This will make your hair good as it will prevent frizzing while giving it a smooth and shiny hair.

If you are into looking natural and having that sleek hair, consider a dryer with the cook setting option. Maintaining your hair by sealing the cuticles is impossible without this feature, and so it is worth investing in it.

8. Cost
It is natural for people to gravitate towards buying cheap things as a means of saving. It is also normal to think that if you buy a cheap dryer today, you will be able to replace it later. Chances are you will not, and if you ever do, you will have to do it frequently. In the end, it will be more expensive.

However, an expensive dryer will go a long way to serving you better and for excellent results. If you want to keep yourself looking prettier with sleek and shiny hair, then it is worth your investment.

For your dryer to be fully effective, the following accessories will come in handy.

1. A Diffuser For Curly Hair
While a diffuser may be an accessory, it is essential given that not everyone has plain hair. If you are the kind that loves keeping curly hair, you do not want to destroy it every time you dry it. And this calls for the diffuser. Remember since it is an extension, you can always remove it and use the dryer on normal hair.

What it does, is it allows for blasting and even distribution of heat over a large area. It does so without blowing the hair all over. The effect is a maintained curl or wavy hair. It also adds volume while keeping the texture intact.

2. A concentrator Nozzle
A concentrator nozzle is yet another important accessory, and just like the diffuser, it snaps at the end of the dryer. Which means you can use the dryer with or without it depending on your preferences. The nozzle helps you straighten your hair by emitting hot air in a concentrated stream. This is a handy tool if you regularly straighten it. Besides that, it helps reduce on frizz.

When using the nozzle, you are advised against letting it come into contact with your hair. More so, always ensure it points downwards. For sleek and straight hair, you should run a brush through your hair and then trace its path with the concentrator nozzle.

3. Hair Styling Tools
And the final one on dryer accessories is hair styling tools. These snap at the end of the dryer too. With a comb and pick attachment, you can obtain natural curls and any other style of interest on thick hair as you dry it. While thick hair may prove hard to dry, in this case, it has an advantage over the fine one. Combine a great dryer, right styling tools, and thick hair and what you get is a recipe for an elegant hair look.

Other things may not be part of the main features of a great dryer. However, they are equally important. They include;

a) Power Cord
When using the dryer, you do not need to be restricted to a small area. A long power cord will give you more allowance to move around unlike a short one hence you should get that.

b) Portability
If you are the kind that is always on the go, then you have no option but to find a portable dryer. It means it should fit easily in your bag by occupying less space and should weigh less too. This way you can keep looking awesome while enjoying your trips.

c) Handle
When choosing a dryer, go for one with an ergonomic handle. Since it is something you will be using daily for many days, make every hair drying moment count by feeling satisfied rather than discomfort afterward. You can only achieve this if the whole process becomes effortless from the beginning to the end.

d) Speed Setting
When hair drying, the intensity of air flow is critical. Medium to high speeds will be great for thick hair as it can penetrate deep inside and still build good volumes. On the hand, slow speeds are ideal for fine hair. Some dryers have preset speeds, but if you can get one that allows you to vary the speed from gradual to rapid is an added advantage.

Hair beauty is something many if not all women are willing to compromise on. It is in this case that every one of them invests significantly to it. However, to achieve that sleek and shiny hair, plenty needs to be done in choosing the right dryer. And if you are into hair styling, the dryer comes in handy too. Also, depending on the type of your hair, whether thick or fine, dry or hydrated, there is always a dryer for you. Given the many dryers out there in the market, it might be very confusing when it comes to choosing the right one for yourself. The above guide should be able to shed light on the one you should go for and begin your path to great hair look.

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