According to Forbes she is the worlds highest paid beauty vlogger

Beauty Vlogger – Jeffree Star is best known for his controversies and headline breaking antiques. However, in proving that there’s more to him than what meets the eye, the internet sensation recently emerged as one of the highest paid YouTubers across the world. In a list published by Forbes, Star ranked 5th amongst the pool of YouTubers with a net revenue of 18 million in 2018 alone.

Star apparently earned much of the moolah on YouTube through beauty and make-up tutorials, most of which rake over a million views within weeks. With a long list of followers and a stronghold in the beauty world, it is hardly a surprise that the internet legend ranked 5th on the global list. And while most of the high earners on it included gamers or stuntmen, Star is the only beauty guru (and the only queer person at that) to make it on the list. Also, surprisingly enough, no women made to it the top ten this year.

In addition to steadily earning via the internet, Star is known to make millions from his cosmetic brand – ‘Jeffree Star cosmetics’ that he confounded in 2014. Reportedly, the e-commerce brand makes over $100 million annually and is expected to fetch even more in the coming years. He also owns merchandise business that supplies t-shirts and another accoutrement for other YouTubers. While Star may not be the best with his words or attitude, he sure knows how to make a buck ( read millions)!


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