America will soon get its second beer spa!

Here at LuxuryLaunches, we’re no strangers to some of the weird and wonderful spa trends and treatments that are available to wellness seekers. From Ramen baths to wine soaks, there are some truly crazy treatments out there and the list is getting longer – Roanoke, Virginia is getting a Beer Spa! We can already imagine the waiting lines outside.

This Beer Spa will be another branch of Oregon’s “Hop in the Spa” which is owned by Michael Boyle. “Yeah. This’ll be the second beer spa in America,” said Boyle, “Everybody thought it would be a bit of a fad. But it hasn’t been. We’ve been consistent since the day we opened.” Boyle is a fan of Deschutes beer, so the decision to branch out was made when the Deschutes opened a brewery in Roanoke.

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“When Deschutes Brewery decided to build a plant here we decided to look into Roanoke,” said Boyle. “We decided if it was good enough for them it was good enough for us.”

The building slated to have the spa will include some hotel rooms upstairs while downstairs you’ll find a massage area, salt room and four soak tubs with “hop inspired therapies.” You won’t be bathing in the usual IPA or Heinekin though, instead the spa will use a special combination of hops, barley and grains.

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We can’t speak on the health or beauty benefits of beer, but soaking around in beer is probably a dream come true for many! Hop in the Spa’s Roanoke branch will open on June 15.


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