Brand ‘Moooi’ extends its brand presence with a niche range of hotel soaps and shampoos

Dutch furniture and lighting brand Moooi is looking to reach out to larger, niche market with a range of unique, strong smelling bath and shower products among high-end designer hotels.

The hotel products consist of soaps, shampoos, shower gels and lotions, manufactured by specialist supplier Luxury Hotel Cosmetics. The products were launched as part of the company’s vision to increase its brand name, than turnover.

The fragrance is made up of strong notes of nutmeg, cardamom and bergamot, and was designed by a leading perfumer in Paris. This unique and strong blend is one-of-a-kind but might not be to everybody’s taste.

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Brand co-founder Casper Vissers says, “Either you like it or you don’t like it. At Moooi we couldn’t handle a maybe.”

Moooi’s core furniture and lighting business has continued to grow 20 per cent year after year and the idea behind the new venture was to create a broader audience for the brand.
“A hotel with 80 rooms and a occupancy rate of 80 per cent is around 60,000 brand contacts per year,” he says. “So you can imagine the amount of people who will be holding your brand name in their hands if you sell to 80 or 90 hotels of that kind of size.”

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While the products are best suited for four and five-star hotels, Vissers claims more than star-rating, it needs to be a hotel with character.

This is the company’s second major brand extension this year. Moooi Carpets in Milan was launched in April this year and is known for its print-on-demand carpets, suitable for both walls and floors.

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[Source : Dezeen]