By Kilian honors whiskey-loving London with its new fragrance Single Malt exclusively at Harrods

A new malt of whiskey is now being served at Harrods Salon de Parfums, and sounds strong enough to tingle your senses alongside raising your spirits. By Kilian has launched a new fragrance called Single Malt at its boutique in London’s beloved store. Priced at a heavy $295 for 50ml, the new scent is a homage to London and its emblematic liquor, the whiskey. The smell is a concoction of cedar wood from Texas, vanilla from Madagascar and tolu balm from Columbia and with the essences of wheat absolute and sugary plum. The smell was developed by Sidonie Lancesseur – and clearly with a limitless budget. The fragrance will be offered in a box which will also contain a whiskey decanter.

Kilian Hennessy may have digressed from his family business a wee bit, but he is as rooted as they come. Grandson of the patriarch of Hennessy cognac company, Kilian is known for his high spirits. In 2013 he launched a fragrance called Apple Brandy for New York while last year he unveiled Vodka on the rocks for Moscow; both by Sidonie. Strangely though, it was reported somewhere that Kilian had ‘no interest in the current trend of bizarre fragrance combinations’.
Well then. I suppose I could risk a probably defamation case when I say with all honesty that the new scent sounds like something you would whiff at a damp, reading room in a shady town club.

[Via – Nst Perfume]

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