Carlsberg creates Men’s grooming products from its beer

I never actually knew whether to believe the myths about beer having super properties on hair; but now Carlsberg’s Beer Grooming Line makes me wonder, could it be true? The new line has a shampoo, conditioner and body lotion that come 250ml bottles and packed with Vitamin B, a bunch of proteins and minerals, organic ingredients and about 0.5 liters of Carlsberg Beer. The Vitamim B and silicium (one of the ingredients) are the main supplements that supposedly give your hair and skin good nourishment. The line of beauty products is only for men, which may not be a bad thing! The process of making the products involves freeze drying and powdering the beer and then mixing it with the other ingredients. Erik Lund, the Head Brewer of Brewing Science and Technology first thought it was a crazy idea to be creating these products but then hopped on the plan since the fact is simple, men do love their beer and would probably do anything with it, even rub it all over their body!

This just goes to show that Carlsberg, the Danish Brewery which is one of the top 5 largest breweries worldwide, do take their beer really seriously. Just remember that none of it is consumable if you ever do end up any of the products; smells can be deceptive.
The Carlsberg Beer Beauty pack is available on their website for $73.

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