Chanel’s fresh collection of lipsticks inspired by Coco Chanel’s intimate circles

Think inspirational, think Chanel. The latest selection of lipsticks is a timeless symbol of the prominent few in “Coco” Chanel’s life. The special-edition five shade collection represent Coco’s intimate circles, each expressing a story of the fashion designer’s life and legend. Think Lovers in red, Family in nudes, Muses in corals, Best Friends in pinks and Artists in plum shades.

chanel-rouge-coco-2The French luxury fashion house adopted the conventional emailing in their latest marketing campaign with an intriguing message. The email blast amused recipients with a “Ready to meet Arthur?” while the message’s body states, “Arthur is waiting for you.” Of course, there was no hint of the mysterious Arthur related products, thus urging customers to click through to the landing page, where one later discovers that Arthur is a romantic red shade.

chanel-rouge-coco-3I know you want us to divulge some more details, well… Lovers include Arthur and Dimitri while Family features Louise and Adrienne. Muses represent Catherine and Misia while Best Friends features Olga and Vera. In Artists, there is Elise and Ina.

chanel-rouge-coco-4Its soft, creamy texture and its luxurious, timeless packaging make it an absolute must-have. Each specially crafted formula is priced at $36 on the Chanel website and yes of course, no individual names are revealed.


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