Charlotte Olympia and M.A.C. are bringing back the old Hollywood look in 2016

M.A.C.’s 2016 Spring Collection will be a thing of the glamorous past as the cosmetics brand teams up with British shoe and accessories designer Charlotte Olympia Della. Usually the tight-lipped M.A.C. rarely reveals the card up their sleeve, but this time with Olympia on board, she was kind enough to spill a few beans. She was quoted talking about her love for the bygone era and how it manifests itself in her daily look as well as in her design aesthetic; so its not too difficult to put the pieces together and fantasize about deep shades of red, smoother mascaras and thicker liners along with more neutrals shades maybe? “I have always enjoyed the ritual of dressing up and wanted to unleash my inner movie star!” said Charlotte, so the expectation can be endless.

Charlotte, who’s brand is known for their quirky creations, will be in-charge of everything from the color composition, to the packaging of the product and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with after her Kitty flats and Archie’s collection. Now that fall is upon us and so is the cold dreary winds, we couldn’t be more ready for sping, which is when M.A.C. will reveal all.

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[via : InStyle]

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