Christian Louboutin’s new nail polish colours for the underside of your nails

Gone are the days of the short, stubby nail polish bottles where nothing but the colour mattered. One look at the new collection of Christian Louboutin confirms this. It is inspired by the towering stilletoes and is a smart, clean black bottle.

Talk about thinking out of the box and being innovative. Louboutin’s red sole was born the day the designer smeared red nail polish all over the soul of the shoe to give it that eye catching look. He takes this concept one step further and does it with his lacquer collection too. The Rouge Loubi Under Red, is the first ever polish to be applied on the underside of your nails to give it a look that will match those heels!

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For precision whilst application, the new line has a pen like tip and the bold scarlet colour can do wonder to those nails. This range comes with a flexible nylon applicator with which you can create nail art.

The Loubi Under Red prices start from Dhs 165 available on starting from October 13th

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