Coronavirus goes colorful and Instagram is starting to fill with bizarre nail art trends inspired by Covid-19

Coronavirus has gripped us and our planet and unfortunately, its presence is felt everywhere even where it doesn’t actually exist. People are constantly reminded over the news, texts, and social media platforms about how to avoid, combat, and deal with it. But little did we know the reminders of this calamity would be found in the colorful talons of Instagram users who are leaving no stone unturned to go colorful with Covid-19. Check the snaps below and see how outlandish things can get:

Magdalena, from Poland shared her very colorful chemical version of the virus that’s got the world on its knees. Got to admit her nails do look quite pretty.

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This work of art has no fans here. The mini 3D ‘virus’ designs and people wearing large medical masks is just too much for human hands that you got to wash multiple times a day.

Does a hand sanitizer-inspired nail look work? Absolutely! What better way of reminding yourself to keep those hands clean?

Here you can see another art work featuring 3D replicas of medical masks and the virus which seems to be rather popular. This is done by Dailonsy Nails, from Miami.

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We are surely digging the sanitizer-inspired nails which remind you and people around the importance of keeping those hands clean. No messages are more important than the ones seen on Aimie’s nails.

These are rather graphic and detailed versions seen on the thumbnails of Salon Kosmetyczny Lublin, of Poland.

This one takes a different route with gothic-style letters spelling out the name of the virus on top of a bright yellow hue.

[Via: Dailymail]

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