Courvoisier Cognac gift set is a tale of two scents, and one taste of heaven

It is so exotic you wouldn’t be able to pronounce it. And so soaked in scents that it sounds like nectar that was time frozen. The Courvoisier Cognac Célébration Sensorielle gift packs will take you to Paris where you can be led through your nose by smells wafting from bakeries stacking fresh loaves on the counter followed by the sensual salvation that coffee offers. And then you get transported almost immediately to an evening in the city of love with the scents of citrine candied orange, patchouli and the ruggedness of tobacco.

Courvoisier Cognac gift set 2
If these scents and reminiscing hasn’t knocked you out flat on the floor with a sensual tsunami, then you could sit back and enjoy cognac; the taste alleviated with the aforementioned fragrances. The brand has associated itself with some impressive sales in the past, so this one seems like an authentic stimulant of the senses and not just a flowery press release.
Courvoisier Cognac gift set 3

Courvoisier Cognac gift set 4

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