Dior launches the first foundation specially made for taking great selfies

While looking picture perfect in Profile Photos is number one on our to-do list, we really don’t have the time or patience to Photoshop our mediocre selfies (we’re looking at you Mrs. West) to glow-y perfection. But Dior is proving to us that we don’t need filters for radiant skin in selfies, all we need is a little selfie-specific makeup! After a poll revealed that most women between the ages of 25-44 were dissatisfied with how their skin looked in photos, Dior went the extra mile to create a foundation formula that ensures studio quality selfies.

The brand’s Diorskin Star foundation diffuses harsh lighting through the use of tiny titanium spheres that reflect the light evenly across your face, making you glow. Your skin appears luminous and flaw free, but still natural. The foundation will be available in 16 shades and will also cover redness and repair dark spots.

Priced at $50, Diorskin Star promises to be all the rage among selfie-happy young women. While we applaud the effort to take the needs and concerns of young women seriously, we’re also marveling at the clever marketing that’s taking place here. Brands like Dior are intelligently taking note of the role that social media plays in affecting consumer decisions. Whether or not you’re aboard the selfie train, you can’t deny it has power!

[Via – The-Gloss]

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