Duran Duran keyboardist unveils a $6,000 moisturizing cream for a younger, fresher look

Nick Rhodes, the Duran Duran band founder has created a £4,000 ($6,000) moisturizer which claims to be one of the most advanced anti-ageing serums in the world. Developed under the luxury brand GeneU, Rhodes vouches for the skin cream and says the bags under his eyes have been reduced by the treatment.

“My DNA tests showed my skin degrades collagen rapidly, but that I have fairly good antioxidant protection. With this product, I don’t look as tired first thing in the morning. I can honestly say my skin is smoother than it was.”

The keyboardist for the successful rock band in the 80s is quick to point out that one must be realistic and not expect to look like a teenager though! He added that it is a better alternative to cosmetic surgery, something he has vowed never to have.

“I found particularly underneath the eyes, the finer lines have been reduced. I completely believe in the product and the technology and if you can afford this, it’s amazing.”

‘If you can afford it’ – yes, because the product comes with a steep price tag, with an initial consultation and a tester kit costing £600 ($913), and each month’s refresher supply costing £300 ($456).

So there’s the $6,000 cream or ‘drinking lots of water’. Guess what we picked.

[Via – Capitalfm]

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