Estee Lauder unveils exotic mud mask that comes infused with Black diamond truffle

Beauty treatments are happily welcomed by most females on earth. May it be a spa session or a rejuvenating skin massage, vanity routines are a must for all women alike. Here to notch up our styling and beauty essentials a bit further is Estee Lauder’s unique mud mask that come infused with rich and uber-fine contents of Black Diamond truffle that are further packed alongside a self-exfoliating kabuki brush.

Before you rubbish off the Black Diamond truffle as just another luxury ingredient, let us give you an insight into its uniqueness and making. The rich diamond extract is found on oak and hazelnut trees in the wild Southwest region of France, and is procured through a very arduous process. These truffles alone sell for $900 per pound and it takes 10-15kg of Black Diamond to yield 1kg of pure extract that it is further refined for use in the Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Revitalizing Mask Noir. Over 10,000 hours goes into the production of this truffle-infused mud mask and hence, only a limited number can be created each year.

The extremely rich Estee Launder product further comes with an exfoliating brush that is used to brush off dead skin cells prior to the application of the actual gel-like mask. The truffle-infused pack is known to give out the most radiant glow after application and its recommended usage is once every week. A 1.7oz bottle of the Re-Nutriv Estee Lauder is currently selling for a retail price of $340 each.


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