Every man needs these luxury grooming products in his cupboard

There will come a time in a man’s life when the “meh, that’ll do” approach just won’t cut it anymore with regards to your grooming techniques. Plucking, shaving and brushing are lifelong endeavors that need be honed and perfected over the years, and if you haven’t already worked it out, then now’s the time to discover that you need the right tools.

Luckily, there are a lot of luxury items for men to use when it comes to grooming products. So, make sure your cupboard is filled with all of these ASAP. Everyone, including your own self-esteem, will benefit greatly soon afterward.

Tongue scraper
Simply put: your tongue is an absolute hotbed for bacteria, which then results in bad breath. A lot of men will brush their teeth and maybe floss, but still leave the job 80% complete by not cleaning the tongue as well!
Best item – Anti-microbial copper tongue scraper by The Dirt

As much as men hate to admit it, there are errant hairs all over their faces. From between the eyebrows to random hairs along the cheeks, these are not only unnecessary but a bit of an eyesore, too. FYI: Slanted tweezers do a better job than those with a pointed tip, as you’ll be able to remove single hairs with minimal effort.
Best item – The Body Shop’s slanted tweezers

Double-sided comb
Having two thicknesses on your comb is when things really start to pick up in your grooming regime. The thinner side will help to remove dandruff and evenly distribute any styling product, particularly for shorter hair. The thicker side helps to remove tangles and knots a lot more gently and without damaging any hair strands. Consider a double-sided comb and hair dryer as part of the typical products needed for men’s hairstyle regimes, then you’re already upping your grooming points.
Best item – Pocket comb by Byrd

Men will likely use body wash and shampoo in the shower – perhaps even Carlsberg’s beer-themed options – but your grooming game can be so much better with the use of conditioner. Shampoo cleans, but conditioner helps keep the hair from getting dry and damaged. Plus, the great thing is that you only have to use it once or twice a week.
Best item – Conditioner by Krieger and Sohne

Callus Remover
You might raise your eyebrows at this one and consider it a step too far in male grooming, but trust us: once you start using it, your feet will feel reborn. A callus is a hard and cracked patch of skin that often builds up on your feet, but by using a removing tool, your skin will be a lot healthier and smoother. It’s like a mini foot massage every time you use it. Gels are also possible, if you prefer that idea.
Best item – Callus shaver by Tweezerman

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