Fashion brand Carolina Herrera reimagines makeup line as fabulous, ready-to-wear jewelry

Women wear makeup every day; so why can’t women actually wear their makeup? Yes, I mean literally wear it, like string to the neck or around the wrist? The packaging is worked so hard on; it looks good inside out which makes it an ideal candidate to be flashed around as an accessory. That’s exactly what the beautiful brains at fashion brand Carolina Herrera have thought and conceived. This March, the fashion brand’s first lipsticks and compacts come in “ready-to-wear” packaging. The designs are so tastefully done and look striking and sculptural it can effortlessly double as jewelry. If a Carolina Herrera outfit has been responsible for brightening up your blue days, then this makeup will come into your lives with the very same intent- to make its wearer feel happy. The color cosmetics project was a few years in the making and is the brainchild of the fashion house’s current creative director, Wes Gordon and Herrera’s daughter, Carolina Herrera de Baez (Carolina A). Every lipstick is delightfully shaped like a pendant. It’s equipped with a gold-colored ring that can be clipped on things, like a handbag, while the compacts have ring-holders with a beetle embellishment.

There are 10 patterned caps for the lipsticks and four different compacts, which are each refillable which means you can have all the fun with not just the makeup but also the container which could become your favorite necklace. Prices in Europe range for the lipstick line from 20 Euros ($22) for a charm to 41 Euros ($45) for a cap, 59 Euros ($65) for a refill and 173 Euros ($190) for the lipstick with charms and a tassel. Similarly, for the compacts, a pattern will sell for 13 Euros ($15), while a metal base is 40 Euros ($44) and a full compact is 100 Euros ($110). The makeup line will be launched first on Harrods’ e-commerce site on March 15.

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[Via – WWD]

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