For $35,000 you can have you own mobile spa cabin

For an occasional spa break or a relaxing pampering session, there is a little bit of procedure involved. Take your phone, choose a contact, book an appointment, mark the calendar and then drive to your booked treatment. All that pain for a few hours of peace, pamper and pleasure in the spa. And what if you are an aggressive globe-trotter or passionate corporate honcho who hardly finds time to have a half an hour bath, far less an extravagant spa appointment? Bring home a spa cabin then. It will cost you an arm and a leg, but it will also save you some petrol and some pennies.

Italian company Lemi Group has launched a new version of the dreamy Aemotio Spa with a few interesting tweaks, and a few thousand dollars more. This advanced multifunctional ‘cabin’ costs $35,606.

It is equipped with a variety of multifunctional spa treatments including relaxation, anti-cellulite, draining, slimming and toning, body wraps, massages, and facial works. Two of its unique features are the vichy shower and its chromotherapy feature. The shower system has six shower heads shooting water whose temperature can be chosen to suit your preference. Seven different colours are available which can be selected as per the mood and treatment chosen.

[Via – Spaequip]

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