Get electric eyes with Dior Addict’s Colored Lash-It mascaras

After bringing us a summer beauty quick-fix in the form of their satin eyeliner stickers, Dior is once again advocating a fresh take on eye-make up with their It-Lash colored mascaras. We’ve already made the case for barely-there nail colors, give your eyes the same minimal treatment this season with a couple of swipes of these electric mascaras and skip the eyeshadow entirely!

get-electric-eyes-with-dior-addicts-colored-lash-it-mascaras-3Dior Addict’s It-Lash mascara comes in four shades: Black, Purple, Pink and Blue; skip the snooze-worthy black and opt for one of the bright pop shades instead. The mascara promises volume and length, so you can give your lashes a good thick coat of color or simply aim for the tips for some subtle allure. You can also keep things quirky cool by using the colored mascara on just your lower lashes for the barest hint of mystery.

get-electric-eyes-with-dior-addicts-colored-lash-it-mascaras-2The spiky applicator promises to catch the fine lashes in the corner of your eyes and on your bottom lid for an even, doe-eyed look. Meanwhile the rinsable can be easily washed off with warm water or make-up remover.

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