Hairy tales: Meet Coralle, Dysons new $500 hair straightener

Getting used to Dyson’s cutting-edge technology to ease our lives? The perfect hair, the gorgeous mane, and the very manageable hair have some new tools to rely on. After the superlative supersonic hairdryer, Dyson is back with another very, very useful appliance- a hair straightener called Corrale. Like its predecessors, this one too will keep your tresses safe compared to the counterparts that never consider the harm done to your hair in the process of straightening or drying them. The Corrale straightener, on the other hand, features flexing plates that bend according to your hair’s volume. There are many plusses here, for one it is cordless which means you can make your hair straight while resting on your hammock if you’d like (Corrale is charged to 100 percent within 70 minutes and lasts for 30 to 60 minutes). Secondly, the straightener comes with three heat temperatures — 330, 365, and 410 degrees Fahrenheit — to suit different hair types from fine to thick and rough. The technology of Corrale makes sure you don’t have to keep running your straightener over and over the strands and damaging them; this is achieved with its flexible copper plate design and ability to keeping hair all in one place instead of losing strands as the user drags the tool through.

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The Dyson Corrale comes in two colors, gray with pink trim or purple with gold trim, and sells for $500 which is a lot of money to spare for straight hair. But if you can’t live without them then this seems like a good investment.

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