Have your portrait carved on a lipstick for $875

Multimedia illustrator and makeup artist May Sum who is known for her meticulously hand-sculpted lipstick figurines of celebrities has launched her second lipstick art series ‘The Floral Collection’ available to purchase for $925. Additionally, VeryFirstTo in a first of its kind service is extending the lipstick art service to the public to commission own portrait or someone else’s on the lipstick for $875.

For the floral collection, May Sum has merged the art of lipstick carving with the vibrant colors of flowers to create remarkable pieces. One of the designs depicts a woman with a floral hat and cascading flowers down the base. The other, a vase with intricately carved flowers on a base of greenery. Both are presented on wood bases with glass covers.

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May Sum for her first collection of lipstick art named ‘Fashion Icon’, immortalized many fashion legends such as Lady Gaga, Princess Diana, Victoria Beckham among others. The fragile lipstick sculptures must always be kept somewhere dry so it doesn’t melt or deform. To have your own lipstick art piece created, click here.

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