Hello men, finally there’s a skincare regime just for you!

I feel privileged as a woman to have a plethora of products available for my skincare regime. For men, on the other hand, there is a handful! Fortunately for those men out there who indeed care for their skin, Stoer Skincare is now an intriguing option. Scottish-born Marianne Morrison’s brainchild has already steered up quite a storm at their soft launch in Harvey Nichols and is expeditiously garnering their way to the top of the ladder.

Marianne’s career started as a beauty therapist, after which she spent 6 years in the oil and gas industry, and worked her way put to a senior level. Soon, realisation dawned upon Marianne that her ideal business model would be a blend of passion and a dynamic business environment. Her beauty and business backgrounds collided and the idea of Stoer Skincare was born. Marianne began the process of creating Stoer Skincare in 2013. Although she faced a few challenges in the research and development phase, her primary aim was to curate a high-quality collection entailing entirely bespoke formulations independent of ‘stock ingredients’.

Marianne says: “It’s time to level the playing field when it comes to male and female skincare. The advanced ingredients and technologies available in the women’s skincare market are leagues ahead of products specifically aimed at men. Stoer Skincare has been created to address the need for an effective, male-specific skincare range that focuses on prevention and protection, whilst improving skin health.”

The impressive award-winning line offered by Stoer entails an energising eye mask, a firm and protect serum, a foaming face wash, a vitamin power mask and a detox face scrub. Their signature ingredient: Clima5 Technology – a power-blend of five skin-saving plant actives from a variance of harsh climates clinically proven to penetrate directly into the skin layer where they work best.

In an everyday routine, as one combats issues of pollution and stress, Stoer is your solution to stress, pollution, and irritation from shaving. I have to agree with their description and have to say Stoer is one of the top men’s skincare lines that I have come across. More so, the price is well worth it and I am pretty sure if you try Stoer, you will agree.

On the future of the male skincare market, Marianne says “Over the next decade I believe male grooming will continue to grow steadily, whilst evolving even further as the male skincare and ‘beauty’ boundaries become blurred. The stereotypical consumer archetypes are also becoming less defined as men of all ages seek products for different purposes. Young men are now using skincare routines as teenagers, providing a new era of millennial consumers, who can access and process information very quickly on digital platforms. I believe there is a real space here to do something unique.”

Pricing for the range starts at £24 and goes all the way to £158 for the entire collection of 5 products.

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