Inspired by the festivities – Dolce & Gabbana has introduced a novel limited-edition make-up range

What’s the festive season with some glim and glamour! And presenting you with an opportunity to sparkle your best is Dolce and Gabbana Beauty with its new make-up and skincare collection. The limited-edition range is inspired by the magnificent festivities of the holiday season and is perfect for gifting purposes and some TLC.

Designed with a royal touch, the ensemble includes the royal kajal – eye powder liner, the royal gloss – shine lip plumper, and the royal light – liquid highlighter. The products come with a golden crown each and a packaging that is anything but basic.

The powder liner in the collection is a soft, loose, micro-fine powder with an intense black pigment. It comes with an ultra-precise applicator and is ideal for the winged eye and more! On the other hand, the lip plumper is a weightless lip gloss in shades of deep, passionate burgundy, a vibrant, joyful red, and a magical glittering gold touch. Lastly, the liquid highlighter offers a smooth formula in shades of divine gold and diamond pink.

The Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Queen Collection is currently available for sale online at Harrods. If make-up is on your mind this Christmas, you know where to look!

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