Karim Rahman creates Tsarina Christmas 2014 collection for L’Oréal Paris

It is a sure sign of the season, aromas of warm gingerbread and the decorated green conifer. But when it comes to getting holiday pretty, makeup is non-negotiable. With Christmas inching closer, L’Oréal Paris entrusted Karim Rahman, beauty expert at L’Oréal Paris to create an exclusive makeup collection, called ‘Tsarina’. Inspired by the splendor of Russian empress Tsarina, the collection comprises of gold and pearls for the fingertips, amethyst and citrine shades for the eyes and a bold Bolchoi red lip lacquer.

There are 16 references in total however we are absolutely mesmerized by the Dazzle Shaker (€8.50/ $11) that sprinkles micro gold and pearls on your nails for an instant festive look to your fingertips.

[Available at Loreal-Paris Via Vogue]

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