L’Oréal’s has unveiled a smart hairbrush and yes it connects to your phone

If your hair has a mind of its own that decides to disappoint you more often than not, we have some news that is bound to relieve you from all those (s)tress woes. Popular cosmetics-brand L’Oréal and Kerastase have teamed up with tech company – Withings to bring you an ultra-tech hair brush. No ordinary comb, the smart brush uses the latest technology to guide you with locks and ensure you only the very best of hair days.

Unveiled at the CES Tech show in Las Vegas, the Kérastase Hair Coach brush as it is called, employs a surprising amount of technology that’s built right into the brush. For starters it includes a microphone that listens to the sound of your hair to detect whether you are combing them with the use of the right technique. The unique mic is built around a hidden three-axis load sensor that can aptly measure the brushing force used, thus providing instant combing feedback for you. Further, the waterproof brush comes fitted with an accelerometer and gyroscope (devices that count the brush strokes), along with the built-in conductivity sensors that predict if your hair is too wet or dry and accordingly adjust the analysis of your brushing technique.

The data read by the smart brush is subsequently transferred on to the accompanying smart phone app that further takes into account environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, UV, and wind to read out your final hair score along with tips to improve scalp health. The exclusive hair brush will be available from mid- 2017 for a steep price of $200.

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