The secret behind Penelope Cruz’s dazzling beauty is the Massumeh Caviar Hydrolifting Night cream

I know many women who would kill to trade places with Penelope Cruz, myself included. And I don’t mean acting chops or hunky hubby. I mean, drop-dead gorgeous, traffic stopping beauty! Now, there is a way that they can, minus the killing I mean. (Although, between you and me, I’d pick former Bond baddie Bardem any day over beauty.) It’s called Massumeh’s Caviar Hydrolifting Night Cream.

Iranian beautician Massumeh Massi has patented her famous cream formulated with caviar with the support and help of Swiss biotechnology. Besides that luxurious component, it also has extracts of pearl, malachite, DNA complex, hyaluronic acid, argan, sequoia, blue lotus, marine elastin, aloe vera, and vitamins A and E. Clearly, the woman has adopted a no holds barred approach when it comes to beauty. Result? Radiance and firmness in skin as well as recovery from external factors such as pollution, temperature extremes and stress during sleep! After all, its active ingredients are high in protein, minerals and antioxidants, thus, providing elasticity.

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No need to be jealous, men. Not only is the cream suitable for all skin types, it is also very much suitable for you guys. Now just pray that Mr. Bardem secretly partakes in its silken moistness or else you might come out looking like the knockout diva Cruz is! Just kidding. What you should do, however, both men and women, is lavishly apply the $220 cream, especially during cold winter months, on your face and neck for absolute suppleness (décolleté too for the ladies). If you want the looks, you’re going to have to overlook the prices. Ms. Massi further advises the use of Hydrolifting Caviar Serum ($215 for 30 ml) prior to its application. And there is an entire range of Massumeh Cosmetics products, including Caviar Anti-Ageing creams, Golden Caviar cream as well as the Caviar Cleansing emulsions, among others for added skin-ful indulgence.

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