Moschino and Sephora’s new stationery themed make-up won’t show your age!

Love shopping for school supplies but don’t have a school to attend? The luxury fashion designer, Moschino, and popular beauty retailer, Sephora’s new a limited-edition makeup collection have got you covered. It has makeup products and tools that match the school supplies. Now be a schoolgirl or a working lady, continue the stationery shopping. A 30-pan eyeshadow palette, shaped just like a MacBook, is priced at $US60 and steals the show. It includes gorgeous matte, satin, and shimmer finishes. The five-piece set of synthetic brushes resembling pencils is for $US58 and hard-to-miss. The $20 sponge-set is styled to look like erasers, the eyeliner for $US18 like a Sharpie marker, $34 liquid lipsticks ranging from a vibrant red to a calm teal look like permanent markers. Oh, that’s not all, there is also $12 nail polish packaged to look like a Wite-out, $36 set of 3 elegant highlighters that look like stationery highlighters. To complete the collection, a $8 Moschino Toy Honey Mask is included for skincare.

Releasing on April 25, this beauty-line will certainly spread an air of nostalgia among beauty lovers. However, the products in this collection are more appealing to the more tech-savvy Sephora fans. Get ready! The back-to-school season is upon us!


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