Oil rich Azerbaijan offers crude oil baths, and they are very good for the skin

Move over mud baths and gold facials – the hottest new prescription for your weary body is crude oil! And Azerbaijan, a country rich in natural mineral water sources, plans to use its rich natural reserve to attract visitors seeking rejuvenation. The country’s wellness miracle also known as black gold is nothing but crude oil, and is used to offer a unique Spa treatment to cure various ailments.

At the Naftalan Health Centre in central Baku, the capital city of oil-rich Azerbaijan, the miracle crude oil treatment is used to cure up to 70 different ailments. According to clinic doctor, Hashim Hashimov, ‘The act of Bathing in Naftalan oil for medicinal purposes dates as far back as the 6th century. The oil kills everything – viruses, bacteria and fungi. Its consistence is unique and pure and does not contain any dirt.’

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But unlike most Spa treatments, you can’t spend hours getting pampered. Customers are allowed only 10 minutes in the tub before they are scraped down and sent into the shower while the sticky substance is then used again for the next customer. Yup, at crude oil prices today, there is no dump and refill option. However material that is lost on a customer is added before the next treatment.

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The flip side? Yes, there has been some criticism that the oil contains naphthalene hydrocarbons, a possible carcinogen and could be dangerous to take to cleanse your skin complexion.

[Via : Flameville]