The $1200 hand lift that promises you get more likes on Engagement ring selfies

There aren’t many moments in life that are quite as special as an engagement; it’s a moment when you solidify your commitment to another person and begin an exciting new journey together. And you know our favorite part of that journey? The three carat Tiffany and Co. solitaire on your left ring finger! Yes, the engagement ring definitely plays a part in your celebrations and sharing a picture of it is the quickest way to spread the big news! And now, doctors in the United States are offering brides-to-be quick fix hand lifts to make sure that their hands are Instagram ready.

If you think your hands aren’t quite ready for their engagement selfie, all you have to do is drop by a doctor who will inject your hands with Juvaderm – an injectible hyaluronic acid, which can help fill in lines and wrinkles. Though normally used on the face, the treatment is highly effective on hands allowing aging thin hands with visible tendons and veins to appear youthful and young, the perfect canvas for your stunning ring. Results are almost instantaneous and last for up to 9 months, but as well all know big makeovers come with a big price and the Juvaderm hand lift costs around $1,200.

The $1200 hand lift may be gaining popularity as more and more women rush to click their engagement ring selfies, but we think this might be taking photo fever too far. You’re going to get married! Instead of dwelling on your imperfections concentrate on the amazing life ahead of you and maybe use that $1,200 to start a savings fund for your married house!

[Via – Dailymail]

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